Message Parents: 4p a text

Text messaging service for schools - 3.5p a message

We have teamed up with with one of the UK’s leading providers to offer client schools a text messaging service – the cost per text is 4p which is competitive within the market and messages can be sent straight from your school’s website dashboard.

Our providers servers deliver premium UK Routed SMS text messages using direct connections into the heart of mobile network SMS Centres (SMSCs). The company provides a high capacity, reliable, and fast SMS connectivity, direct to a school parents mobile phone

Text message bundle costs: 100: £4, 200: £8, 1000: £40, 2000: £80, 5000: £200, 10,000: £400

The good news is we can offer this service to schools who do not use our website services.  Please call us on 01723 384525 if you would like to sign up – and remember you do not have to use our website service to make use of this text messaging service.
We do not charge VAT.