Frequently Asked Questions

- Does low cost mean low quality?

No it does not – your new school website is carefully built, secure and easy to use – it is packed full of premium features that cost a lot more with other providers.

- How much does a new school website cost?

We don’t believe schools should pay a fortune for a new school website and we offer two main packages – £500 will give you a great looking website with lots of useful features and £850 will buy a design, tailored to your school requirements.

- What support do you offer?

We offer all the support and training you need and everyone gets the same great service. We deliver training by telephone and screen share software and produce screen recordings to show you how to make updates (always handy if you need a reminder and easier than reading through an email). We are always an email or phone call away and offer unlimited help and support to make sure you get the best from your new school website.

- What do schools have to say about us?

We get great feedback from client schools. Click here for feedback from Corsham Regis Primary Academy and Somerford Primary School – click here for Perranporth School in Cornwall.

- Do you have other website designs that cost £500?

There are several designs you can choose from, here are four examples: Design 1 Design 2  Design 3 and Design 4

- What about payment?

Only pay when you are 100% happy your new website.

- What happens if we want to change something after 6 months?

Just let us know what needs changing – unlike other school website companies we do not charge excessively for our time and can sometimes make free updates or amendments, depending on complexity. Just call or email and we will help.

- Do you help with anything else?

Yes we do – if your school logo needs a bit of a refresh we can sometimes include this in the price. Just ask us and we can take a look. We also help with content transfer and training of course.

- Our school logo needs to be improved - can you help?

Here is an example of work we did for a school

We redrew the crest and added a new, contemporary type face. The reworked logo is now razor sharp on screen and print.

- How much does a bespoke website design cost?

We charge a one off fee of £850 if you want something a little different – most of the time schools are more than happy with the £500 design package.

- What happens when my new school website is ready to set live?

We will work with your schools ICT to make the switch over seamless.

- What about website hosting?

We host and maintain the website for you. Operated out of a World Class data centre, with an industry best up-time of 99.99%, which helps to keep your website visible to parents, carers and the wider community. There is an annual hosting and support fee of £400 a year for hosting and support by email and telephone.

- Do you have a brochure?
- Can the website calendar events be shared?

Yes – it’s easy to set this up and for parents to synchronise events from the school calendar to their own mobile/desktop calendar.

- I need help with my new website - what do I do?

We offer unlimited support as part of your annual hosting and support fee. Call or email and we will help you.

- What is an SSL Certificate

We include an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) with your website and you will see a small padlock in the browser window. An SSL Certificate helps protect sensitive data and also helps to provide a level of trust.

- We have not had a new website for ages - how does the process work?

We know having a new website built is an important decision and we make sure we make the process as easy as possible for you. We cover the process on this page of our website How We Work. Please visit this page or send an email to [email protected] and we will get in touch.

- What is 'bespoke' website design?

We build a website based to your design requirements. If you would like an illustration of your school we can draw this and give you the flexibility to decide the design style you would like for your school.