Text Messaging Service

Send text messages direct to parents for 4p a text

We have joined forces with the UK’s leading text messaging service.

Many household names in retail and business use the same service and we can offer highly competitive, text message prices to all schools, even if your school is not a current website customer.

Tier 1 delivery

Our providers servers deliver premium UK Routed SMS text messages using direct connections into the heart of mobile network SMS Centres, providing high capacity, reliable, and fast SMS connectivity, direct to a parent’s mobile phone.

They use their own direct connections to various operators and also has priority connections into tier 1 aggregators. They offer a total solution, hosted, designed, developed and supported  in the UK.

Special Features

  • Send text messages from an easy to use website.
  • Schedule messages for best delivery time.
  • Delivery reporting – see what has happened with your text messages.
  • Add attachments to text messages.
  • Easily upload and manage your contacts – we will help with this.

Bundle Costs

On average, most schools use between 10,000 and 14,000 text messages a year and one of the big advantages is text messages do not expire if they are not used and can roll over into another academic year.

Please note there is a one off set up fee of £100. We do not charge VAT.

100 – £4
200 – £8
500 – £20
1000 – £40
2000 – £80
5000 – £200
10,000 – £400