Parental Web App

We are offering the app for free on new website orders placed in March and April 2018.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new parental app for schools, built using a technology called PWA (Progressive Web App)  The app is super easy for parents and carers to install on their mobile device and we do all the hard work by setting the app up for your school.

Our new school app is easy for you to use and integrates within your existing school website dashboard. The controls are easy and intuitive and you can update key information on the app including your school name, contact details and which email address at school receives pupil absence notifications.

Content delivered to the app is taken directly from your school website and includes calendar events, latest news and direct messages, which offers a potential cost saving if you are spending money on text message bundles. The app also includes an absence reporting tool for parents and carers to use.

Making use of the latest technology has helped reduce development time and cost, which means we can pass this saving on to schools.  Please call us for a demonstration of the system. Our website design and build cost is £850 with an annual hosting and support fee of £275.


• Send messages direct to parents and carers via the app.
• Receive absence notifications by email from the app and via your website dashboard.
• Fast app install on mobile devices.
• Allows parents and carers to browse the app when not online, therefore increasing engagement

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